Friday, 28 October 2011

How To Make Decisions

If you are anything like me, you'll find making decisions difficult.

Whether I'm considering what to cook, what to wear or where to go, I can never seem to make up my mind.

Sometimes, I'll avoid making the decision myself by asking my husband and sometimes I just won't make any decisions at all.  At other times though, I'll ask myself what I think psychically.  It is at those times that I feel most confident and most certain that I am making the right and best choices possible.

So how do I ask myself and how do I get the answer?  It's simple, if I haven't got any immediate gut feelings one way or the other, I just write my question or decision down and underneath I list all of the posssible choices or ways forward.

I then sit quietly and relax my mind and place the fingers of my right hand over each option and see what I 'sense' from each one.  I also ask the question outloud and see what comes to me.

Then, just like when I'm performing a professional psychic reading for a client, all sorts of psychic answers start to come to me.  By assessing the information I receive, I automatically 'know' what 'feels' right and what doesn't.  Often it's a case of finding out what you don't want to do or shouldn't do first, which then leaves the best path clearly defined.

This is by far the best way to make decisions and you'd be suprised how many people rely on their 'gut feelings' to get ahead!

So the next time you need to make a choice and are finding decision making difficult, try this simple technique.  Of course you could always book a psychic reading and ask a professional psychic to look into your situation too.

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Who's Emotions and Fears Are You Feeling?

Don't get me wrong, I really appreciate the fact that I am able to access information that I would not otherwise be able to, but sometimes, especially on the full moon, being a psychic empath is exhausting.

I often look around at people in the street, going about their everyday business, and think how lucky they are that they only have their own thoughts, feelings and worries to deal with.  Me?  I have everyone's, dead and alive.

Imagine if everyday, when you woke up, you didn't know whose fears you were feeling and why.  Ever watched the TV show Medium?  The main character, based on psychic medium Alison Dubois, wakes up most nights from dreams where victims are subject to all manner of horrible circumstances.  For a few hours during her sleep, she is them, feels exactly what they are feeling, sees what they are seeing and more.  All without knowing who or why.

This is much like me, how my nights playout and how my mornings start.

Before I get too concerned, I have to remind myself that these sensations are not mine.  I have to get on with getting up, putting my face on and getting the kids ready for school.  I have to say I'm fine, when asked, and pretend that what's come to me isn't bothering me, when really it is.

One instance comes to mind, last week, I was half asleep in bed, when I was contacted by this man, with Multiple Sclerosis, in spirit.   I could see myself sitting up in a hospital bed, with people talking to me about an operation i was to have, on my left leg, which looked all skinny and weird, as I looked down at it. 

Suddenly, I could see myself on an operating table with people sticking a needle in my arm and injecting me with a liquid poison that stopped my breathing or at least slowed it right down, and paralysed me, whilst shouting at them to leave me alone.

I could feel this complete terror, realising that I was being murdered, and hear myself trying to shout out for help, but not being able to.  This was before being diagnosed as dead and put, still alive, but totally unable to move, into a bodybag.  I could feel the bag tight around my body and as I tried to gasp for air, I was picked up and moved into an icy cold place, which slowly and very painfully froze my entire body.

After witnessing this and the remainder of the event, I came to and realised how awful what I'd sensed was.  Who was this person and why were they unlawfully killed?

Of course, I then had to try and switch off, get on with normal life and attempt to get some much needed sleep....another day of being a psychic empath lay ahead!

7.26pm UPDATE:  Just got the kids to bed and had to come and post this update.  Did you see the news today?  Check this story out at:

I just sat down with my cream cheese and lettuce sandwich and turned the TV on to find out that one of the headlines was spookily similar to my vision.  Who did come through to me and what did they want me to witness it all for?  I don't normally sit in the lounge and eat, I usually sit with the boys in the kitchen, but something made me turn on the TV.  If you know anyone that this happened to, then do e-mail me at and let's see if we can get to the bottom of it!

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

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Friday, 8 July 2011

How To Choose The Best Psychic, Empath Or Clairvoyant For You

Having worked as a professional psychic, empath and clairvoyant for as long as I have, I know how important my role within the community is.  With so many psychic companies, tarot agencies and varied individuals around, choosing the right and best psychic can be tricky, especially if you don't want to waste your valuable time or spare cash.

Now and then I get calls from people who've rung the cheaper lines, in hope of a quick bit of peace-of-mind, only to be dissappointed.  I have to explain to them that a lot of psychic telephone services are owned by huge telecommunication companies who use telephone operators with little or no psychic ability, to answer the calls, giving so-called psychic or tarot readings by reading scripts from a computer.  Of course these lines only pay minimal amounts to their operators and as such don't attract exceptionally talented psychics.

I also hear horror stories about people calling individual psychic's who advertise locally and nationally in the glossy magazines, only to be sold expensive 'life-enhancing' psychic spells and worse, following a lower-than-average quality psychic reading.  These people are no more than sales people, dressed as psychics.

Whoever you've spoken to, whether you've paid on your phone bill or by using your credit or debit card, recouping your paid costs, can be a nightmare, if you're unhappy with your psychic reading.  We all have good and bad days and even the best psychics can find that they just can't connect to certain individuals, but genuine ones will tell you this, and either offer you a reading at another time or a full refund.

How To Find The Best Psychic Reader For You
I've been in the psychic industry for long enough to know how to find the best psychics, so if you need advice and want to book the best psychic reading for you, make sure you follow these simple steps:
  1. Check whether the costs of the psychic reading are clear.  Check how much your psychic reading is going to cost you, before you agree to book and give anyone your payment details.  All genuine psychics will clearly state the costs of their services, including the extra costs per minute, of their psychic readings, after any set pre-booked psychic reading times have ended.  If a psychic or psychic agency is offering live psychic readings on a 090 premium rate telephone number, then this cost per minute should be clearly stated on their advert, business card or website.  Providing you keep an eye on how long you've been chatting for, you can keep control of how much your psychic reading is costing you.  Make sure that you make a note on your calendar of when you had your psychic reading and how long your call was, so you can compare this to your phone bill when it arrives.  A lot of these types of psychic readings require you to listen to a long recorded message, before you get connected to a psychic, and you will be charged for this.  Even seemingly cheap lines add up if you stay connected for a long time.  If you aren't happy with your chosen live psychic, simply hang-up and choose another psychic, don't stay on the line listening to someone you're not over-the-moon with!
  2. Ask how much experience a psychic has and what psychic skills they are able to offer you.  The last thing you want, if you need detailed answers about a serious or worrying situation, is to find that your chosen psychic is either too inexperienced to help you or can only use airy-fairy divination tools with set interpretations.  I have had a lot of readings over the years with psychics who've just sat and repeated the same few words over and over again, no matter what I've asked.  You won't want to know whether the goddess venus wants you to love yourself and wear pink, if you've asked about finances or the north american eagle is telling you to just wait, if you need to find a workable solution, that you can implement now.  A lot of psychics are brilliant at one-card readings and at getting snippets, this is great if you just need a quick one-line boost, but useless if you need an indepth psychic analysis.
  3. Make sure you know what you want to get out of your psychic reading before you book it.  If you are ill and go to the doctors, you do so in the hope of finding the cause of your symptoms and a cure.  If your car is broken you take it to the garage with expectations of getting it fixed.  You should treat having a psychic reading the same.  Know, before you book your psychic reading, what you'd like to find out about, which questions you'd like answered and what situations you'd like insight into.  Make a list of your questions and concerns on a piece of paper first, before you have your psychic reading and keep hold of your pen, so that you can make notes of what your psychic tells you, during your psychic reading.  If, half way through your psychic reading, you find that nothing on your list is being dealt with, then tell your psychic.  Genuine psychics will enjoy helping you by providing you with the answers you need, and won't just waffle on about anything that comes to them.  Of course, once you've got your answers, you may like to know this, but nothing is more frustrating than a psychic that doesn't listen.
  4. Find out what other people think of them.  Always check the customer comments or testimonials section of a psychic's or psychic agency's website before you book your psychic reading.  Scanning through the stories and feedback that other people have left will give you a good idea of what people thought of their psychic readings.  Websites that have the facility for visitors to upload their own comments are great, as you can be sure of up-to-date and reliable insight.  Be wary of anyone who doesn't offer any customer feedback.
  5. Do your homework, go online and get to know your chosen psychic.  Has the psychic reader you've chosen got a website?  If they have, go online and take a few minutes to read about them online.  Most display ads in magazines will include the URL or web address of the person or agency advertising.  You won't get to know much about any psychic from their adverts, so find out what you can about them on the net.
  6. Find out if you can book an introductory or free psychic reading first.  There is nothing better than trying out a psychic before you commit to paying for a longer psychic reading.  A lot of psychics offer shorter, affordable psychic readings, some even offer free ones.  If you book a free psychic reading, you may still need to provide your payment details, in case you decide during your free psychic reading, to stay talking to your chosen psychic reader for longer.  You will then be charged for any time that you go over the introductory reading time.
  7. Ask people you know to recommend a good psychic reader to you.  One of the best ways to find the best psychic reader for you is to ask around.  Maybe your work mate had one last month and thought it was amazing or perhaps your best friend always uses the same psychic because they can't find anyone better.  Booking a psychic reading with a psychic that someone you know has used means that not only will you have had genuine feedback about that psychic, but you'll be able to find out more about how that psychic works, how much their psychic readings cost, where you can find them, and how accurate their insight was.
  8. See what your chosen psychic can tell you, before you tell them anything.  There is no point having a psychic reading if you have to tell your psychic reader all about the ins and outs of your life first.  Yes, you may want to ask specific questions, to make sure your psychic focuses on the area of your life you're interested in finding out about, but ask your questions carefully.  You'll know if the psychic reader you've chosen is the best psychic for you if you immediately feel a connection because what they say amazes you.  Good psychics will be able to tell you what you're worrying about, almost as you're telling them.  They'll pic up on issues that you are facing now and things that have been troubling you.  Genuine psychics won't ask you to tell them lots of details first, and they certainy won't just repeat back to you what you've just told them.  It is important to confirm to your psychic whether what they are saying means something to you, and whether you understand the information that they are giving you, but you shouldn't give them your life story at the beginning of a psychic reading.
  9. Ask yourself if your chosen psychic makes you feel at ease and if you feel a connection to them.  No matter how many psychics you speak to, some you'll get with and some you won't.  Don't feel for one minute that just because you don't feel comfortable with your psychic, you shouldn't have any psychic readings or seek psychic advice.  People's energies can sometimes just clash, and if you don't like the tone, attitude or style of a psychic reader, then be honest with them and ask if you can bring the reading to an end as soon as possible.  If you are talking to the best psychic for you, you should quickly feel relaxed and able to talk and ask questions freely.  If a psychic makes you feel intimidated or nervous, upset or angry, again, try to bring the psychic reading to a close and simply select an alternative psychic a little later.  Always remember to ask for a refund or the opportunity to speak to another psychic if you have spoken to an agency psychic reader.

Psychic | Psychic, Empathic and Clairvoyant Readings from Blue Moon Psychic
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So What Is Psychic Empathy?

Nearly everyone knows what a psychic is, and most people know what a clairvoyant is, but I always get asked what psychic empath is, and what empathy is all about.  So I decided, having answered this at least a hundred times, to write this short article to answer this question.

Psychic Empathy is a communication and listening skill. Psychic Empathy is a simple technique that allows you to understand what makes people ‘tick’ and see clearly how they will most likely respond or behave in the future. Psychic Empathy can bring great wisdom and understanding about any person or situation and is one of the most useful life skills you can learn.
Psychic Empathy is the art and science of sharing Empathic Awareness with another person. It is about allowing yourself to become ‘aware’ of information that you may otherwise not be aware of. In order to access Empathic Awareness and use your Psychic Empathy skills you need to learn and practice the basic Psychic Empathic Techniques that will enhance your communication and listening skills.

Psychic Empathy is a powerful personal and business tool that can quickly help you to acknowledge and recognise the feelings, thoughts, behaviours, emotions, needs and inner drives of other people and groups of people. Once you can get to the bottom of what is causing people to behave the way that they do, you can easily improve and develop your relationships with them. Knowledge is power and having power gives you control.

Psychic Empathy creates an awareness of potential opportunites and ways forward and can help you to identify the best ways of dealing with difficult people and situations. Empathy provides access to success strategies that can save you or your business a lot of time, effort and money.

Using your Psychic Empathy skills gives you unlimited free access to a variety of life tools that can help you to close old doors and find and open new ones. Psychic Empathy is like having a best friend that knows everything – all you have to do is ask the right questions and be aware of the answers as and when they are provided.

Psychic Empathy also serves as a warning signal, telling you what you should or should not do or say and if you use Psychic Empathy correctly it can help you to stay clear of troublesome or dangerous circumstances and people.

Psychic Empathy is a skill that we all possess to varying degrees and like most skills, can be practiced, developed and fine tuned, over time. We all use Psychic Empathy skills everyday, without even realising it, when we are interacting with our loved ones, children, pets and work associates. It is the skill we use to connect to people and establish trusting relationships.

Try becoming aware of your Psychic Empathy skills today - the next time you are talking to someone, ask yourself "how are they feeling and why?".  You may find that all sorts of information comes to you, from images to words, feelings to smells.  You may just suddenly know something about them or their life that they haven't told you.

Practice makes perfect, so don't worry if nothing comes to you straight away.  Try again, at different times and in different situations.  Try with a variety of people.  Occassionally, a particular person may resist being 'read'.  This is perfectly normal and even the best Psychic Empaths come across people they can't connect to.

Psychic | Psychic, Empathic and Clairvoyant Readings from Blue Moon Psychic
Psychic Readings | Call today for a psychic reading from a talented UK psychic, empath
and clairvoyant offering genuine psychic readings by phone | 0845 5197 393

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Quick Blue Moon Psychic Readings Update

Are You New To Psychic Readings?

Just a quick note to say that all introductory psychic readings with me, Fiona Vidal at Blue Moon Psychic ( are now just £5, instead of £10.  So if you or a friend need answers, try out a quality psychic reading with a genuine psychic, empath and clairvoyant, today.  Call me on 0845 5197 393 or 07789 760100 to book yours now, at a time to suit you.

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Welcome to my new Blue Moon Psychic Blog!

Having lost all of my writing from my old wordpress blog, due to technical issues, I am now pleased to launch my new Blue Moon Psychic Blog on

It's taken me a while to get my site online again and now with so much empty space, I have the urge to write, write, write.  Although being so booked up with psychic readings, and being a mum to a toddler, it will take time to fill this one up again!

Must dash for now, readings await x